Create a Simple Sales Funnel With Elementor on a WordPress Website

Simple Sales Funnel with ElementorMarketers often need to create a Sales Funnel. While there are several very professional (and expensive) options, with a little effort you can create one with the Elementor Block Editor. Once you have one Sales Funnel done, it is even easier to copy and edit the pages to create new funnels.

There are two aspects of creating any kind of Funnel – the pages and the navigation between the pages.

The purpose of this article is to walk you though the steps that will create a functional Sales Funnel.


1, ) (Optional) – a list of products and links to several funnels. An example is

2. An Offer Page – This is the main page that Leads are usually sent to. It describes the product and gives a place to enter an email address. Optionally you can request more information like the Lead’s name. An Example is

3. A Thank You Page -This page says THANK YOU for buying or THANK YOU for signing up etc. The page tells the Lead to check their eMail for the download. Ideally the page should offer the Lead a One-Time-Offer or an upgrade or an additional product. An example is

4. A Download Page. For me this page is identical to the Thank You Page with one difference. The text that told the subscriber to check their email is replaced with a Download link to the product or a link to the course, etc. An example is

5. You will also need an Autoresponder account. You will create a separate list for each Sales Funnel. The required Welcome/First email will thank the person for asking for or purchasing.


  1. If you start the a RESOURCES Page or some other list of Funnels, you will use a link to the Home Page of the funnel.
  2. The Funnel’s Offer Page. This page contains two external links. Both of these fire when the lead presses the Submit button after entering their eMail. They are sent to the Thank You Page and their email is sent to the Autorespondor company. An email can also be sent to you.
  3. The Thank You Page has no automatic redirects. It does request that the new subscriber go check their email.
  4. The Autorespndor automatically sends a Welcome Email. You use this email to introduce yourself or your company and provide a Button or Link to the Download Page.
  5. The Download Page contains a button or link to the product.


There is a simple way to put the pieces together that avoids a lot of “Oh I Have to go do that before I can complete this…”. For the most part it involves starting from the end and moving toward the front.

One Time Set Up

STEP 1 – ONE TIME SET UP – Since we are using Elementor the first step is to acquire a template that someone else has created. There are some free templates and some you need to purchase. Here is a link to one I have used:

STEP 2 – ONE TIME SET UP – Obtain and install the MailOptin plugin for Elementor

STEP 3 – ONE TIME SET UP – Install PRETTY LINK Plugin. This plugin lets you set up simple links and redirect them to more complicated links. Pretty Link will keep a count of each time one of the links is click.ed. It also lets to change the location a link is directed to. For example, you can have a link to an eBook and install the Pretty Link on the download page and perhaps on a list of downloads for your VIP clients, When you upload a new version of the eBook, you can change the redirect in the Pretty Link page and you don;t have to remember and change each location where you have sent people to the eBook.

STEP 4 – ONE TIME SET UP – Create a Google Sheet to store the links and page URLs

STEP 5 – If you don’t have an Autoresponer account, you need to set one up. (If you don;t have an AWeber account you can use this link. It won’t cost you anything and I’ll get a small commission.}


I like having a master list for each niche. I use List Automation to automatically subscribe people to the main list when they subscribe to any other list in the niche. That gives me one place to send broadcast emails and send a sequence of emails, The Welcome email for this list is very generic and says a fancier version of this message: “Thank you – The specific item you asked for is in a separate email. If you don.t see it check your SPAM folder or the other tabs in your account.” If you want to use this technique create a list with a name that indicates its niche and that it is a MAIN list. Then create the Welcome email for the MAIN List.

#1 – Click on MANAGE LISTs
#2 – Click on Create a List

There are about six fields to fill out. None of them difficult.

Now let’s create the Welcome eMail.

#1 – Click on Messages
#2 – Click on Drafts
#3 – Click on Create a Message

#1 – Subject Line – this shows when people receive your email.
#2 – Header Image (optional) – I like this to match my website and Facebook Pages for Brand Recognition.
#3 – Body
#4 – Save (Not shown)

STEP 4- The is the next screen you will see. This is a critical last step
#1 – This is the list we are working on
#2 – We are working on Messages
#3 – This the email we just created
#4 – Click on SEND OPTIONS

All this is covered in more details in this eBook:

Steps for Each Sales Funnel

STEP 1 – Upload your eBook and store the URL in your Google Sheet.

STEP 2 – Create a Pretty Link that points to your Product. I do this for two reasons. First Pretty Link will keep a count of downloads and because I know I will be uploading revised versions of the eBook and want to be able to direct people to the new file easily.

STEP 3 – Edit the Download Page an include the Pretty Link to the Product.

STEP 4 – Open your Autoresponder account. I am going to use AWeber since that is what I use.

  • Create a new list This is identical to the steps listed above
  • Copy and paste the List Name and ID so you will have it later.

#1 – This is the List we are working on.
#2 – Click on List Options
#3 0 Click on List Settings
#4 – Save this Last name somewhere – like the Google Sheet
#5 – Save this ID Too.
#6 – This is the link to where we will set the list as Single Optin

  • Make the list Single Optin. (Note: since AWeber will be fed the name from an API (the MailOptin plugin) rather than a form that the subscriber personally filled out, it won’t really be Single Optin yet. We will take care of that later. )

#1 – I have scrolled down. Up there is the “Confirmation Page Link that was mentioned in the last screenshot.
#2 – Click the top slide switch to OFF.

  • Create the Welcome Email for your new List.

#1 – This is the list we are working on
32 – Click on Messages
#3 – Click on Drafts
#4 – Click on Create a New Massage

#1 – The subject line of your eMail
#2 – An Optional image. I like to use an adaptation of the same hearer I used on the Website. I want them to see the image and recognize it.
#3 – The link to your Download page
#4 – A short description of the eBook they signed up for. If you take some time on this you can use it on you version of the resources Page.
#5 – Save and exit.

As noted above there is a much more complete version of this here:

The complete version is an eBook that includes saving the emails as templates to make the next time easier, testing the emails before you leave them and much more.

The is the next screen you will see. This is a critical last step
#1 – This is the list we are working on
#2 – We are working on Messages
#3 – This the email we just created
#4 – Click on SEND OPTIONS

  • Use List Automation to automatically subscribe new subscribers to the main list when thay are subscribed here.

#1 – Change the List to the MAIN List.
#2 – Click on List Options
#3 – Click 0n List Automation
#4 – Click on the green button

A few options will appear. Choose the one that says SUBSCRIBE TO THIS LIST…. Then choose your new list from the dropdown that will be on the right. Then click SAVE


You can duplicate the DOWNLOAD Page and edit the duplicate. The product image used for the Preferred image on the page will be correct. All you need to change is the line you have used to say “Click here to download…” and replace it with a line that says “Check your email for…”/. Save the link to this page in your Google Sheet.


This page will take the most work since you want to make the product as attractive as possible, The key I’m going to focus on here is the MailOptin section. This where you ask for an Email address and perhaps a name or more,

The MailOptin Plugin generates three actions when a Lead enters an eMail Address and presses the Submit button.

  • The plugin sends you an email telling you that someone oped in. You need to enter a phrase that will tell you which List was opted into,
  • The plugin sends the new subscriber to the Thank You page. You need to fill in the URL for the Thank You Page.
  • The plugin sends the new subscriber’s information to AWeber. Part of installing the MailOptin plugin involved connecting the website to AWeber. For this page you need to choose correct list from a dropdown so that MailOptin will send the information to the right list.

This is an example page
#1 – The Submit Button
#2 – The options you want MailOptin to execute when the button is pushed.
#3 – Open this to end the Subject line of the email that will be sent to you. Here is an example “New message from “CREATE-FB_PAGE” You change the words in Caps to indicate which eBook the person asked for. You also enter the email address you want notifications sent to here.
#4 – This is where you enter the URL of the Thank You Page you want the new subscriber sent to.
#5 – Here is where to choose the AWeber list the new subscriber should be subscribed to.

I like to set up a Pretty Link here too. We can use the count we get here and the count we get on the download page to see what percentage of the people who looked at he Home Page actually asked for the eBook.

Save the Pretty Link and the Page URL to you Google Sheet. You will need them.


Here is my example RESOURCES Page: If this page is done with Elementor you can duplicate a BLOCK and change the Image, Text and Link attached to the Learn More button.


Here is the email I sent to help@awber,com. Ihave been approved a dozen times, usually within 24 hours.

Dear Support,
Once again I have a list that I have set to single optin 
but it needs your magic touch to remove double optin. 
Can you set this on your end to single optin please? 
Here’s the information you usually ask for

What is the app/integration you are using?
I’m using a Facebook and Google Ads to generate leads for this list.
Leads are sent to a Page when they opt in to receive a free ebook
The integration I am using is MailOptIn addition to the WordPress
Elementor Page Builder   This does create a form for Leads to
fill in their name and email address.

What is your website / product / membership page URL where your subscribers are signing up?
The link is <–REPLACE With YOURS

What is your Thank You Page URL? <–REPLACE With YOURS

What are you marketing?
t-shirts, necklaces, hoodies, and other Print On Demand products.  I also teach others how to sell online.
The Link to the eBook is here: <–REPLACE With YOURS

List Names & ID:
POD – Create FB Page <–REPLACE With YOURS
awlist5374338 <–REPLACE With YOURS

Cell: 321 279 9615
Skype: hale.pringle

There you have it. All the steps you need to take to create a simple Sales Funnel using Elementor in WordPress.

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