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Print on Demand – Overview and Flowchart

This is a short overview of the Print On Demand business model.  It will introduce you to five phases that make up a Print on Demand business.  It uses images and a flowchart to give you a introduction to the concepts you need to know to start your own Print On Demand Business.

25 Ways to Find YOUR Niche

Most Print On Demand businesses find it much easier to be successful if they find a few niches that they are interested in and that are profitable.  This free eBook gives you 25 different ways to to find Niche Ideas AND gives you a series of questions that will help you determine if a niche will be profitable.

Task LIst for Print on Demand

A lot of training will tell you that Print on Demand business just require “Three Easy Steps” or four or five.  That just isn’t true.   This list will give you an idea of what you will need to learn about over time.

Print on Demand – How To Find and Sell products that are Already Selling

This is a close to a Magic Bullet as you are going to find for Print On Demand.

The temptation is always to create product that YOU think will sell.  This eBook shows over 16 sites where you can research your niche for products that are already selling.  You can then create your own version of the “winner.”  You can also use these sources to research your ideas to see if there is Social Proof that they will sell before you invest time (and money) in them.

Create Print on Demand Product Images on Your Phone with WordSwag

Usually you need a powerful image editor or a good graphic designer you can outsource to in order to create the PNG image file  you need to create a Print on Demand Product.   WordSwag is an app that you run on your Smart Phone and it can create stunning text designs.  Since many of the top selling Print on Demand products a simple text designs, this can be a huge asset in your arsenal.  

Create a Facebook Page for Print on Demand Advertising

This HOW TO eBook shows you how create a Facebook Page optimized for Print On Demand Advertising.  While creating a Facebook Page is fairly simple, there are a number of special considerations when you plan to use the page for Facebook advertising.   The eBook goes over topics like making sure your page isn’t too obviously a Selling Page Facebook will disable your advertising account if it is), creating a LIKE Campaign (Facebook charges you more for ads on pages with few likes), automatically dripping posts onto your page (Facebook gives priority to pages with lots of likes) , and restricting the kinds of comments people can make about your ads.

Quickly Create POD Product Pinterest Pins Using Google Slides

This HOW TO eBook shows you how to quickly create a Pinterest Pint that will sell your product for you 24/7.  The technique is free and 90% copy and paste.    Pinterest is a low volume traffic source, but the pins you create will be active for years and they will result in sales.

Create a Print on Demand Product on

After you have a design image, it is time to upload that image to a Print on Demand Company and create a product that you can sell.  This free eBook (and video) is a How To on creating product on  It walks you through uploading the file, filling out the various fields, modifying the settings and everything you need to have a product ready to sell online. 

How to Integrate Gearbubble and AWeber – Step by Step

Creating a email list and marketing to it is an important part of any online business.  This eBook takes your through connecting one of the major POD Companies ( with one of the major Autoresponder companies (AWeber.Com)

Free and Almost Free Images for Print On Demand Designs  – Free eBook

Many designs need an image to make the design work.  There are legal issues with some designs.  This eBook contains a large list of sites that offer images that are free to use commercially.

Fonts that are Free to Use Commercially

There are thousands of fonts that you can download form the Internet.  When you look closely many are marked as “Free for Personal Use”  This means that someone can legally pursue you for damages if you use the font on a product that you sell.  Here is a collection of specialty fonts (in addition to the 2,000 plus that Google offers) that are free to use commercially.

AWeber  Quick Start

Aweber is an Autoresponder Company that many eCommerce Sellers use.  It has been around for a long time and is friendly to our business model.   This eBook gives you a firm foundation in setting up an account, creating lists, adding Leads to your Lists so that they become subscribers.  This is the 10th edition of this eBook.  It was originally published in 2012.

21 AWeber Tips and Hacks

More tips to improve your eMail marketing. 

The AWeber Quick Start eBook covers the basic set up and operation of using the AWeber Autoresponder website.  This eBook shows you some features that many marketers do not know about and therefore don’t use.  This is version 6 of this eBook that was originally written in 2013.

Coming Soon – More

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