This is your chance to really get your Print on Demand Business started and the pricing is designed to give you some real encouragement to take action.  The price is OVER 90% off the total value.

Here is the offer.   Including the bonuses, this offer is worth more than $1000, however your cost can be as low as $49. There is a catch however.  You pay $74 up front.  As soon as you send me a receipt that shows you created and purchased a unique customized gift using the material in this course, you will receive a rebate of $25.   How is that for motivation. 

Enroll in the Quick Start Class

Print on Demand:
Quick Start - Create Personalized Gifts
for Your Family

Start your own Print on Demand Business by creating customized gifts for your friends and family.  This short course will introduce you to Print on Demand without diving into all the complexities of a) picking a niche,  b) Creating and building Facebook Pages, c) Facebook Advertising, d) Learning an image editor like Photoshop, e) Outsourcing and f) much more..

  • Discover simple tools you can use to create customized designs
  • Create your first Customized Design
  • Learn How To turn your design into an on-line product
  • Create the perfect customized gifts for family and friends.  Gifts that are personalized and can’t be found anywhere – on-line or in brick and mortar stores.
  • Buy the gifts you create at wholesale. prices.
  • Over $900 in free bonuses
 GUARANTEED!  If you don’t feel that you got what you paid for, just request a refund within 30 days and we will refund your money, no questions asked.  AND you get to keep the bonuses.   You can’t lose.

Who is this course for?

The short course for anyone who wants to take a first step in creating a Print on Demand Business. The course is specifically designed to insure that you TAKE the first steps rather than just learning about them.

Course Overview

Here is what you will get in this mini-course.

  1. There are two recorded webinars and weekly interactive Q & A webinars. The recorded webinars are mostly training with the live Q and A will sometimes contain fresh training, but will primarily be Q and A to help anyone who is stuck.
  2. Each session will be recorded
  3. There are detailed Step-by-Step Cheat Sheets/eBooks on each of the phases being covered.
  4. Additional videos and cheatsheets will be created if interaction with the class shows that they are needed.
  5. There will be a special Facebook Group for members of the class. Questions and requests for critiques can be posted 24/7.
  6. Templates will be provided to create fancier designs for those who are ready and interested.

wired together silhouettes-81830 pixabay

Step 1 - Overview - A Look at the Entire Print on Demand Business

This section will help you get a grasp on the Print on Demand Business Model.  We will briefly go over the Five Phases and look at a flowchart that outlines the total process.

Then we will look at the limited number of pieces that we need to get started.

If you look at the Flowchart carefully, you will see that we are focusing on the DESIGN and PARTNER phases.

Step 2 - Buy WordSwag - a $4.97 app for your phone.

You will need to create your customized designs.  There are lots of ways to do this and some of them have a steep learning curve (e.g. Photoshop) and some take money (e.g. Outsourcing) . 

We will cover a simple way to discover that “perfect thing to say” on your  personalized product.

For product creation we will focus on a simple tool that anyone can use with just a few minutes of training.

This is the simplest step.   WordSwag is available for both iPhone and Android phones.  Using Android Emulation software, it can even be run on a PC.

On the left you can see the WordSwag intro screen and then a screen where I entered text and choose a version.  In the bottom right we can see a necklace created from the text.  The necklace would cost you $8 plus  $4.50 shipping

Step 3 - Create a Customized Design Image Using WordSwag

There are several steps here.  Most of them are simple, but you do need to go through all of them.

  1.  Pick who you are going to create a gift for.
  2. Pick a product they will like
  3. Come up with a saying of quote (with their name or picture) that is perfect for them. A technique to help with this is part of the course.
  4. Enter the Saying into WordSwag
  5. Browse through the hundreds of options and save a few versions that you like
  6. Pick the version you like the best from those you saved.
Note;  I will be providing Templates and instructions for more advanced techniques for those who are ready for them.

Step 4 - Create a Free Account with a PARTNER Print on Demand Company (We will use

Creating an account is a very simple process.  We will walk through it, but all of the Print on Demand companies have worked to make this step as seamless and simple and possible.

Step 5 - Launch a Campaign on the PARTNER Company Website (create a product)

There are three required steps here and one optional step.

  1.  Pick a product (.e.g. shirt, hoodie, mug, necklace, etc.) you want to create
  2. Upload your Design Image
  3. Answer several questions about the product.
  4. Optional – You can take your customization up a notch by uploading a picture and making that part of your product.  For example if you want to say “Jim Smith is the World’s Best Dad”, you can go one step further and upload an image of your dad.  You can also use one of the provided templates to put a picture frame around your picture.    Think about “A Special 2018 Christmas at the Smith’s” with a family picture on a mug.  you could buy one for each member of your family.   
  5. There is an eBook that covers all of the steps with screen shots and arrows pointing out the areas you need to fill in and what to place in the various fields (some of the things you should fill in aren’t obvious.)

Step 6 - Buy Your Own Product Wholesale.

Every time you launch a campaign, a unique sales page is created for that product.  There is a BUY NOW button on that page.   Click on that button and buy your product.   (Note:  After you have purchased the product, we can delete it since you don’t plan to sell this unique customized version to the general population.  If you wish you can edit the price back to where you make a profit and eave the product live.  Perhaps someone else hand an Aunt Mary that they want a gift for. )

Note:  That you can purchase this unique customized laser etched necklace for $9.95 (plus $4.95) shipping.

Meet Dr. Hale Pringle

Dr. Hale Pringle

Education - Research - Computer Science and more

Hale has a doctorate in Education and Research.  His background includes over 40 years working with computers (his first program was written in 1967 on a mainframe computer with tubes).  He has been focused on marketing and online selling for the last ten plus years.   This isn’t his first rodeo and his students will tell you that he REALLY wants to help you succeed.


In addition to the main course you will receive the these bonuses.

  • An Introduction to my team of Virtual Assistants, included a graphic designer ($100)
  • 20 Frames you can use to surround images or text – along with instruction on how to use them.  ($20)
  • 30 images with transparent backgrounds  that are often used for friendship/family designs  (rings, hearts, etc) ($30)
  • 30 background images for use when you start to advertise (Christmas, Sunsets, color explosion, etc.) ($30)
  • Video on how to quickly turn one design into a dozen or more using a second layer ($20)
  • EBook on Standard Operating Procedures to help you  set up you file system for Print on Demand ($100)
  • EBook on working with VAs ($100)
  • Heart, Circle and Square Photoshop/Photoshop Elements Templates for writing text inside the edges of a design – great for necklaces – Gearbubble ($100)
  • Heart, Circle and Oval Photoshop/Photoshop Elements Templates for writing text inside the edges of a design – great for necklaces – Shineon ($100)
  • Short Ebook on how to create your own templates for other shapes or Print on Demand Companies. ($30)
  • First 5 Videos and Cheat sheets from my course on using Photoshop Elements to create designs, modify existing designs and resize/crop designs for use in Facebook Ads. ($100)
  • EBook with step by step instructions for setting up AWeber lists, connecting them to Gearbubble and sending automatic sales emails to everyone who buys one of your products. ($100)
  • Video on how to add parent/child Gearbubble Products to Amazon ($100)
  • A copy of all the eBooks listed at


Student Testimonials

Here are some people who are familiar with Dr. Hale as a teacher have to say:  

Hale made it simple
Brad Hilbreth
Student in POD Quick Start Course
Hale is a excellent Teacher, mentor and friend. His class is great and very informative. He is very clear in his speaking, and will always be there to guide you. Superb job
Steven Tetreault
Student in POD Quick Start Course
Hale, the course was informative and explained in a way that was simple to understand. Most definitely would give you and your course 5 stars!
Alexandra McCallister
Student in POD Quick Start Course
I knew Hale 2 years ago from an eCom course i was taking at the time and Hale was by far the best part of that program. Better than the guy who sold it as far as presenting usable information and presenting it in a manner that was understandable and usable. He followed up with pdf 'cheat sheets' to streamline the process and jog the memory. I don't know about you but after I study new strategies for a couple of weeks and it's time to implement them I've forgotten some of the steps. That's where the cheat sheets come in handy. Beyond that Hale always had time to answer your questions. I recommend any and all programs Hale's
Thom Ramono
Student in eComm Training Course
I’ve been learning programs, tips, and strategies from Hale Pringle for more than 5 years. He is concise, explains things really well so even as a novice, I could follow the instructions and get results. He is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun… yet he is also kind, patient, and sincerely desires each of his students to get results. I highly recommend him as an instructor, mentor, and coach. You’ll be glad you chose his course! Hale, yes!
Sue Henry
International Public Speaker
Time flies fast. I remember it like yesterday. I went back to FB messenger and Skype to see when we met. It was November 2017. Time flies when you are having fun.  Sorry for not getting in touch with you after I came back from India, I want to thank you for all the free help I got from you in the beginning. Later our one-on-one coaching (Weekly Skype Q & A calls and timely help on FB messenger), I got was the best-paid coaching I got. I am thankful for the detailed training you gave on the Photoshop tricks and tips to quickly put out the designs.  Your training about the FB ads helped me not only in the Print on demand area but also in my affiliate marketing. Your training on how to navigate the Amazon marketplace, in terms of uploading the designs, keyword research and writing the description. It will fill pages to write all the help you gave me, during the training. I am sure a lot of members of this FB group will be benefited by your knowledge your willingness and ability to share the information they will need. Your ability and willingness to teach will benefit this “PrintonDemandAtoZ” group immensely. Due to health reasons, I am less active in the group, but I want to thank you for all the knowledge you bestowed on me.
Ganti Murti
Student in POD Quick Start Course
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