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Create Your Own Products and sell them. After a product is sold, your partner company creates the product and ships it. You don’t have inventory and your stores sell for you 24/7.


The main course if designed for beginners and it goes over the basics.  At the same time it is full of insider tips and strategies that will help you build a professional online business

In spite of what some course developers would have you believe, there is a lot to learn about Print on Demand.  The material is not hard if you take it in small bites.  This course is tailored to give you  those small bites as it covers the basics that you need to know.  The course starts with picking a niche and ends with advertising and actually selling products.  Along the way, we also cover some critical topics like your mindset.

Why Learn Print on Demand Online?

The Print on Demand  (POD) business model allows you to start with a very low cash investment.  You can sell thousands of products and never invest in inventory or paying rent.  POD is a business that you will build in stages and like any successful business, these stages can take days, weeks or months, depending on your time, energy and how much life gets in the way.  An online course, like this one, lets you progress at your own speed.

What are you going to sell?

You develop your own products by finding good design ideas and either creating or hiring someone to create an image file with your design idea. 

Where are you going to sell Your Product?

You need a place where potential customers can see and buy your products.  POD companies will create Sales Pages for free. 

Later, when you are ready you can create Shopify stores and make sales on sites like Amazon, Etsy and eBay.

Drive traffic to your site

Having a website or sales page is like having a bottle in the middle of the ocean.  You must help people find your Sales Pages.  Advertising is the big source of traffic, but their are others like email and Pinterest

What you’ll learn

Here are some of the topics that will be covered as we HELP YOU START YOUR POD BUSINESS.


Mindset is not a topic you should take lightly.  It is one of the most critical elements of running a successful online business.

Systems and SOPs

As you start your online Print on Demand business, you should be thinking ahead and building systems that allow you to handle hundreds and then thousands of designs and off load parts of your business to VAs and employees 


It is extremely rare for a POD Business owner to “know a good design intuitively.”  You need to learn where to find and how to identify design ideas that will sell.

Creating Designs

There is a full sub-course on creating your own designs.  The main course will go over design considerations, outsourcing and more.
It will also cover where to obtain legal images to include in you designs and over 80 fonts that are legal to use commercially

Print on demand companies

This section will review several POD companies and go over, in detail, uploading designs, identifying upsells, setting Facebook pixels, attaching an autoresponder to your design and more.  It will focus on one company so you can see all of the considerations.


This will cover a lot about Facebook Advertising, using Amazon, Etsy, eBay,  Shopify, and Google Shopping.   There is a ton of information in this section.

About the Author

Dr. Hale Pringle is the author of this course.  Dr. Hale has a Doctorate in Education and over 40 years experience working with computers, 10 years experience in online marketing and over two years doing Print On Demand Marketing.

Dr. Hale Pringle

I’ve been a lifetime educator, usually something to do with computers although I was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for teaching Psychology, Public Speaking and professional writing.    

I was involved in the beginnings of the PC revolution and taught mini-courses on the various word processors, spreadsheets and data base programs as they evolved and became more and more functional.   I spent over a decade working for the University of Central Florida, directing the department that supplied computer services to all the students and faculty.  During I time I taught University Courses and many, many mini-courses on a wide variety of topics. 

For the last ten+ years, I’ve been involved in marketing.  In several cases, I paid for a course as a student and was asked to become the course instructor. The recommendation from Thom Romano below is one of those cases.  I was asked to be the Head Coach for a major Amazon Selling course.  I taught the advanced students.

In every course I’m involved in, I end up helping and teaching.  It is one of my passions.

Most recently I’ve been involved with Print On Demand training.  In one of the courses I was part of, I suggested that we start a weekly Skype Mastermind call.  That quickly became an education session where I taught the newcomers the basics of POD.   Again I was asked to be an official coach for the program and to do some videos to be added to the program.

Now I’ve created my own course.  As an educator, I am always collecting tips, strategies, tools and insights and I’ve been doing that for years.   Now I’m taking that collection and turning it into the most complete course on POD that you will find anywhere.

Student Testimonials

Here are some people who are familiar with Dr. Hale as a teacher have to say:  

Hale made it simple
Brad Hilbreth
Student in POD Quick Start Course
Hale is a excellent Teacher, mentor and friend. His class is great and very informative. He is very clear in his speaking, and will always be there to guide you. Superb job
Steven Tetreault
Student in POD Quick Start Course
Hale, the course was informative and explained in a way that was simple to understand. Most definitely would give you and your course 5 stars!
Alexandra McCallister
Student in POD Quick Start Course
I knew Hale 2 years ago from an eCom course i was taking at the time and Hale was by far the best part of that program. Better than the guy who sold it as far as presenting usable information and presenting it in a manner that was understandable and usable. He followed up with pdf 'cheat sheets' to streamline the process and jog the memory. I don't know about you but after I study new strategies for a couple of weeks and it's time to implement them I've forgotten some of the steps. That's where the cheat sheets come in handy. Beyond that Hale always had time to answer your questions. I recommend any and all programs Hale's
Thom Ramono
Student in eComm Training Course
I’ve been learning programs, tips, and strategies from Hale Pringle for more than 5 years. He is concise, explains things really well so even as a novice, I could follow the instructions and get results. He is very knowledgeable and makes learning fun… yet he is also kind, patient, and sincerely desires each of his students to get results. I highly recommend him as an instructor, mentor, and coach. You’ll be glad you chose his course! Hale, yes!
Sue Henry
International Public Speaker
Time flies fast. I remember it like yesterday. I went back to FB messenger and Skype to see when we met. It was November 2017. Time flies when you are having fun.  Sorry for not getting in touch with you after I came back from India, I want to thank you for all the free help I got from you in the beginning. Later our one-on-one coaching (Weekly Skype Q & A calls and timely help on FB messenger), I got was the best-paid coaching I got. I am thankful for the detailed training you gave on the Photoshop tricks and tips to quickly put out the designs.  Your training about the FB ads helped me not only in the Print on demand area but also in my affiliate marketing. Your training on how to navigate the Amazon marketplace, in terms of uploading the designs, keyword research and writing the description. It will fill pages to write all the help you gave me, during the training. I am sure a lot of members of this FB group will be benefited by your knowledge your willingness and ability to share the information they will need. Your ability and willingness to teach will benefit this “PrintonDemandAtoZ” group immensely. Due to health reasons, I am less active in the group, but I want to thank you for all the knowledge you bestowed on me.
Ganti Murti
Student in POD Quick Start Course

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