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Print on Demand - How to Find and Sell Products that are Already Selling

The temptation is always to create products that YOU think will sell.  This eBook shows over 20 sites where you can research for proven products or research your product ideas to see if there is Social Proof that they will sell before you invest time (and money) in them.

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The best sites for finding products that are SELLING is sites that are selling products AND that show you the top sellers. Sites like Amazon reward the top sellers by showing them first. Other sites may show you what they want you to buy first.



Sites like Halmark and Walmart go through an exhaustive process to insure that they only put proven winning products on their limited shelf space.



Sites like Pinterest have way for you to sell how many people liked a product. That doesn't mean that people will BUY the product, but you can identify products with lots of interest.

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Dr. Hale Pringle

Entrepreneur, Print on Demand & Marketing Specialist

I am an educator at heart. I am very serious about my entrepreneur business. While I do have an advanced degree in education, my 40 plus years working with people and computers are probably more important in the long run. I love to help people and am building a network and Internet marketing team. I am an award winning blogger, have multiple awards for online community building and have completed a very intense Internet Marketing internship. I have also taught advanced students selling on Amazon and run over 300 webinars for beginning Internet Marketers - Over 50 of them have been on Print on Demand topics. For the last several years I have worked using the Print On Demand business model. If you are getting into that field., you will need images you can use commercially. This document can help. If you learn something from this, I’ll feel like I’ve done my job.

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