I love teaching

I can’t help myself.  Even when I’m in a group where I am a student, I often end up teaching.   In two cases I was asked to be a coach (or Head Coach) for the course I was taking.   Now I’m taking that to the next level and sharing the information, tactics, strategies and tips that I have been collecting in the Print on Demand  (POD) world and sharing them in a new course that goes into the POD world in depth.

About the Author

Dr. Hale Pringle is the author of this course.  I have a Doctorate in Education and over 40 years experience working with computers, 10 years experience in online marketing and over two years doing Print On Demand Marketing.

Dr. Hale Pringle

I’ve been a lifetime educator, usually something to do with computers although I was awarded an Army Commendation Medal for teaching Psychology, Public Speaking and professional writing.    

I was involved in the beginnings of the PC revolution and taught mini-courses on the various word processors, spreadsheets and data base programs as they evolved and became more and more functional.   I spent over a decade working for the University of Central Florida, directing the department that supplied computer services to all the students and faculty.  During I time I taught University Courses and many, many mini-courses on a wide variety of topics. 

For the last ten+ years, I’ve been involved in marketing.  In several cases, I paid for a course as a student and was asked to become the course instructor. The recommendation from Thom Romano below is one of those cases.  I was asked to be the Head Coach for a major Amazon Selling course.  I taught the advanced students.

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In every course I’m involved in, I end up helping and teaching.  It is one of my passions.

Most recently I’ve been involved with Print On Demand training.  In one of the courses I was part of, I suggested that we start a weekly Skype Mastermind call.  That quickly became an education session where I taught the newcomers the basics of POD.   Again I was asked to be an official coach for the program and to do some videos to be added to the program.

Now I’m creating my own course.  As an educator, I am always collecting tips, strategies, tools and insights and I’ve been doing that for years.   Now I’m taking that collection and turning it into the most complete course on POD that you will find anywhere.

What recommends him?

Over 40 years of teaching computer related topics have given me a perspective that most folks don’t have.  For example, I firmly believe that Webinars are not enough to learn a topic.  They give you a great overview, but when it comes times to implement something, you need a document to review and use as a check li.st

Communication Skills

I taught Public Speaking back in the day and have been running Facebook groups for seven years.  That has taught me how to be firm but gentle.   

I have specialized in getting into the heads of beginners and feeding them information at their level.  New information builds on the older information until the students have a firm grasp of the topic.


“The only dumb question is one you wanted to ask and didn’t!”  This is a motto I have lived be for a long time.

I also understand that when someone doesn’t understand what I said (and they are trying), it is partly (or completely) my fault.  For example if I talked to you in Chinese, most of you wouldn’t understand what I was saying and that would be MY fault.

Subject Expertise

I can’t help but dig into every area I become deeply involved in.  Print on Demand is no exception.  This is one of the areas where I was asked ot be a coach for an existing program.  I’ve been doing weekly Skype Q and A calls on POD for over a year.

Understanding Hale as a Person

The last time I wrote this out, it went on for pages.  I’m not going to subject you to that.  So here are some highlights.

Being a teacher is who I am…

I am a Generalist.  That is what I am.   I love to learn new things and when I do, I love to go deep into the topic.   Then I want to share it.   I’m not happy unless I’m making a difference in other people’s lives.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t do my own Print on Demand business, it just means that I don’t feel complete unless I’m helping others with the information I have gathered.


I have a doctorate in Education and have taught for the Army, three different universities, a major Local Area Networking company (Novell – back when they were THE networking company) and at least 10 different on-line programs.  

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