Facebook© Business Settings – Connecting the Pieces

Facebook Business Settings

 A Facebook© Business Account with its Facebook Business Settings Page is just about required if you are going to advertise on Facebook. You have to have an Ads Manager Account, but it doesn’t take long before the Facebook Business Manager Account is required. Understanding the Facebook Business Settings can be a bit tricky to understand.

In the Facebook© Business Settings there are four main Facebook Business Settings pieces that almost every advertiser uses: People, Ad Accounts, Pages and Pixels. In this short article I am not going to go over all the details, I’m just going to show one area that is easy to get confused about – How do you connect these four Pieces?

I’m going to assume that you have a Facebook Business Manager Account and at least one Ads Manager Account. There are lots of Facebook Help Pages, YouTube videos and Articles that cover how to create these free accounts.

See Facebook’s Help on setting up a Facebook Business Manager Account here.

Usually you will be in an Ads Manager Account. What I’m showing is in the Facebook Business Settings section of the Business Manager Account. Here is how we get to that Page;

#1 – Click on the Three Mar Menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen

#2 – Move the cursor down to ALL TOOLS and the list of tools shown here will appear.


The following screen will take over the tab in your browser.

#1 – We are in the Facebook Business Settings Tool.

#2, #3, #4, & #5 are the People, Pages, Ad Accounts and Pixels that I am talking about here.

#6 – Just a note, you have to open up the DATA SOURCES area before you can see the PIXELS tab.

#7 – Shows that the PEOPLE Tab is active.

#8 – This show that I clicked on my name

#9, #19, #11,& #12 are four pages that I am associated with

THE PEOPLE PAGE In Facebook Business Settings

#1 – The BLUE Plus Circle is where we can add new people to the Business Account

#2 – My name is highlighted

#3 – The Ad Assets Link opens a pop-up screen

#1 – This shows we are working the assets that are associated with me,

#2 – We are looking at PAGES

#3 – This is a list of pages

#4 – When you click on a Page a blue check mark appears beside the page name and the right panel show various roles that could be assigned to the person.

Now let’s look at Ad Accounts in the same pop-up screen.

#1 – The Ad Accounts option is highlighted.

#2 – One of the Ad Accounts has been click on so that the bkue check mark appears

#3 – The available ROLES show up in the right panel.

#4 – The last option is the SAVE CHANGES Button. It is grayed out here since I haven’t assigned a ROLE.

NOTE: We haven’t seen a PIXEL option yet

THE PAGES TAB In Facebook Business Settings

#1 – The PAGES Tab has been clicked

#2 – We can add new pages (You will need to do this after you create a new Facebook Page for advertising.

#3 – This is a list of pages that are know to this Business Account.

#4 & #5 – We can add People and Partners (But not Ad Managers or Pixels).

NOTE: We haven’t seen a PIXEL option yet

THE AD MANAGER TAB In Facebook Business Settings

#1 – The AD MANAGERS Tab is clicked.

#2 – You can add new Ad Managers here

#3 – One Ad Manager is highlighted.

#4 & #5 – You can add people to the Ad Manager

#6 – The only other thing you can add is a LINE OF BUSINESS, which Print On Demand sellers don’t use.

NOTE: We haven’t seen a PIXEL option yet

THE PIXEL TAB In Facebook Business Settings

#1 – The PIXEL Tab is highlighted

#2 – One of the PIXELS is highlighted

#5 & 36 – We can assign PEOPLE to the PIXEL

#7 – #8 – We can assign an AD MANAGER to the PIXEL .

#3 – You can create new Pixels here

#4 – This is the Pixel id – which is something that Print On Demand Sellers often need.

#5 & #6 – yOU CAN ATTACH people TO THE pixel

#7 &# 8 – You can attach AD MANAGERS to the PIXEL.


x`We finally have all four pieces, the People, the Pages, the Ad Managers and a Pixel all tied together. This is important when you start to run ads.

  1. You will need a PIXEL in order for Facebook to track Page Views, Add-to-Carts, and Purchases.
  2. You need a PAGE since each Facebook ad is a post on a page (even if it is hidden so that only the page managers can see it.
  3. You need PEOPLE with assigned roles so you can control who can spend money on ads
  4. You need an AD ACCOUNT since ads are created and managed from an AD ACCOUNT.
  5. Finally you need them all tied together so that Facebook can keep track of all the moving piece of an add.

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