The Magic Bullet – Print on Demand Products That Sell

Print on Demand Products that SellHave you been looking for the Print on Demand Magic Bullet for creating Print On Demand Products That Sell?   In other words are you creating and advertising products that just don’t sell and you want that one strategy that will turn everything around?  I’ll give you a clue.  The word “creating” is probably your problem.

We all take training hoping for that one concept, tip, strategy or idea that will make our business explode – the Magic Bullet.


If you’ve been around the block a few times, you know that Magic Bullets don’t exist.  There is no one tip, one strategy, one nugget of pure gold information that it going to radically change your business.

Improvement comes in small steps based on experience and experience always comes from mistakes.

THE DARN FINE SOLUTION – Finding Print On Demand Products That Sell!

Based on training and my own experience, I have decided that one idea comes close.  It is not magic, but it CAN make a real difference.

The key is to stop trying to dream up products that will sell and go find Print on Demand products that sell.  Don’t CREATE, Do FIND!

Here is a representation of a mental image for product selection/creation.  I used this mental model for a long time.

1. Pick a niche

2. Get into the mind of the people in my niche – learn who they are, how they think, what they like and WHAT THEY WILL BUY.  Pretend to be one of them.  (I’m a 73 year old male, how well do you think I can think like a 45 year old woman who is passionate about her little ankle biter, errr I mean little lap dog?)

3. Use that mindset to create designs THAT YOU THINK WILL SELL

4. Sell the design

RESULTS – USUALLY YOUR IDEAS WILL NOT MATCH WHAT YOUR NICHE MARKET IS BUYING.  I’d guess that 99% of the designs that are on the market are not selling very well.  Creating your own design from your own ideas is a great way to be part of the 99%.

A BETTER WAY – Find Print on Demand Products that Sell

Here is my Magic Bullet mindset change:
1. Pick a niche.  This is the same as before.

2. Research for products that people in the niche are ALREADY BUYING

3. Create your own version of designs that are already selling.

4. Sell the designs and ride the sales

RESULTS:  It is odds on that this product will sell better than the one your dreamed up yourself.   Even if you ignore the creativity side and understanding the niche side, the product you will create and sell has something that the niche likes to buy.  Out of the thousands of failed products that sellers create for the niche, the one you are working with is known to be a winner.  Ya gotta love those odds.

There is an eBook here that go overs 20 different ways to research for products that are already selling.  Click Here To Download

I’ve heard it before, but I was still using my old steps 2 and 3 for most of my designs. No longer!


For those of you who are familiar with the Internet Marketing space, consider Russel Brunson’s Funnel Hacking.  He created a supplement and rather than building a sales funnel from scratch, he found one that was working like gangbusters and “hacked” it.  In this case, his definition of hacking is that he used the same color scheme, the same font, the same page layout, the same upsells, and more.  Everything was targeted to HIS Product but the funnels looked as identical as he could make them.  He didn’t worry about why the other funnel worked, he just duplicated it and his funnel worked too!

DOG NICHE EXAMPLE of Finding Print on Demand Products that Sell.

I’ll give you one example. I’m selling one hoodie now that is in the Dog Market. The wording on the hoodie is as if the dog is reading it.  I wouldn’t have come up with that in a million years, but somebody found that it sells and now I agree 

Hope this helps you go out and find Print on Demand Products that Sell! Oh Hale Yes!

BTW – DO NOT COPY THE DESIGNS YOU FIND.  Use them for inspiration, but create your own version!

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