WordSwag – Create Print on Demand Product Images with a Phone App

Create POD Designs with WordswagDid you know that YOU can create stunning text based design images for creating Print on Demand products?  There is a $5 app you can put on your smart phone that will allow you to do just that.  The app is WordSwag.

When you launch a Print On Demand product, you need a PNG file with a transparent background and a design.  The design can be complex or it can be simple text.   Usually you either need a powerful image editor (such as Photoshop or Photoshop elements) to create this can of design file.  Alternatively you can outsource the creation to a design who knows how to use these tools.

Once you have the file, you upload it to a Print on Demand company website, fill out some information and suddenly you have a product you can sell thousands of copies of.  The product doesn’t even exist yet, just the mockup.  The Print on Demand company puts your design on the product after a sale has been made.


While many designs are complex and some are elegant, many of the best sellers are simple text based quotes and saying.  Here is an example:

This is a screen shot from Amazon where I searched for “Funny mug for women”  You can see that all eight of the top sellers are actually simple text designs.

You can download a free eBook that goes over every step of using WordSwag to create Print on Demand Product Images.  http://PrintonDemandAtoZ.com/resources


Here I’m just going to show you a few screenshots of WordSwag in action.

#1 – I have set WordSwag to create a transparent background.  The checkerboard pattern indicates the area that is transparent.

#2 – This is the default text that you are going to overwrite with your text.


#1 – Make sure this is CUSTOM

#2 – There are quotes here.  You need to find quotes that are on products that are already selling.  Don’t just use one of these because you think it will sell.

#3 – Erase the existing text and type yours in.

#4 – Save and Exit.

#1 – This is the first version of your text.  You can use two fingers to squeeze or stretch if the image doesn’t fit your screen.

#2 – You can also drag the image around the screen

#3 – At the bottom of the screen the first STYLE does not have a box all the way around it.  This is the style we are looking at.

#4 – There are some numbers and you can click on each number to see a different representation

#1 – A different version of the first STYLE

#2 – This is a pair of dice.  We usually just click here and look at the next permutation that WordSwag shows to us.  Click over and over to see dozens of representations.  In this case the STYLE is a white box with black letters.

#1 – Here is another version of our text

#2 – The STYLE is the FRESH Style

Roll the dice and look at another version.l


#1 and #2 – This is the Top Notch Style

Another Style

#1 – When you find a design you like, click the SAVE link at the top of the screen.

#2 – You can click on the COLOR icon

#3 – Change the color to WHITE (as shown in this image)

#4 – You can click on the BLACK box to change the color back to black.

Save the White Image too.   Now you will have one dark image to go on white shirts or white mugs and one white image to go on dark shirts or black mugs.

I usually go back and look are more options as save several dark and light versions.   Later I look at the ones I have saved and select the one(s) I like to best.

This images are saved to your phone.  You can open your gallery and click on each one and share using Dropbox or eMail.

Here is a YouTube Video that goes over using WordSwag.

You can also download the Free eBook that covers all the of the steps in more detail:    https://PrintOnDemandAtoZ.com/wordswag

There are other eBooks at https://PrintOnDemandAtoZ.com/resources.

Have a Great Day!    Oh Hale Yes!


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