Launching a Print on Demand Product on GEARBUBBLE.COM


Launching a Print on Demand Product on Gearbubble.comThe first step in launching a Print on Demand product on any of the other POD Companies, is obtaining a PNG file that contains your design.  You will need this PNG file so that you can upload to a Print on Demand  company website.  There are several ways to obtain a PNG file with your own design.  Some you can do yourself (with some skill) and some involve outsourcing your concept to a skilled graphic designer.  Click here to read a blog post and download a free eBook on how to use a $5 app (WordSwag) on  your phone to create design.   A couple of other useful eBooks cover Finding Free and Almost Free Images that are Legal to use on Commercial Products. and Free Fonts that You can Use on Commercial Products.

Here is a VERY QUICK overview of the steps.  There is a video below and a Free eBook on Launching a Print On Demand Product that goes over the steps in more details.

Dashboard Screen

#1 – Click on Icon to return tot he deshboard


#3 – Click on TRADITIONAL

Select a product on the next screen

Select a Product to Launch

#1 – Click on a Product

#2 – Click on NEXT STEP

Fill out Screens 1, 2 and 3.  These are covered in the Video and in the Free eBook.

Screen #1

Screen #2

Screen #3

There are some additional steps in the SETTINGS button.

  1. Attaching an Autoresponder so that each purchaser is added to a mailing list.  Additional sales from existing customers is HUGE.  This is covered in it’s own free eBook Connecting Gearbubble and Aweber
  2. Attaching a Facebook Pixel so that when someone views your sales page or purchases your product, you can use that information to target them with Facebook Ads.  (More coming soon)
  3. Identifying an Upsell product.   When someone has just purchased one of your products that are prime candidates to purchase a similar product with the same design.  This is covered in the eBook that goes with this blog post.  It is also covered in the video below.

Video Covering Launching a Print on Demand Product


As noted above there is a Free eBook on Launching a Print On Demand Product that goes over the steps in more details.

Have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

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