Mindset Phase 1 of the Five Phases of a Print on Demand Business

Mindset – Phase 1 of the Five Phases of a Print on Demand Business

Print on Demand Business Model - Phase 1 - MindsetA Print on Demand business can be broken into five separate phases.  Each of these has a number of options.  If you are interested in starting a Print on Demand business, you have probably seen ads for courses, Googled for articles, joined groups that talk about the subject and seen a lot of information.   Much of that information seems to be contradictory (and to be sure, some of it is).   On the other hand, a lot of the seemly contradictory information can be chalked up to different authors choosing to focus on different options inside of the five major phases.  In a short series of posts, I’m going to show you the phases and list a few of the options inside each phase that make them seem contradictory.  This post focuses on Phase 1 – Mindset.

The five phases that I see are the following:

  1. Mindset
  2. Design
  3. Partner
  4. Traffic
  5. Scaling

Phase 1 – Mindset

Mindset is such an important part of the Print on Demand business that I made it one of the top level “phases.”     There are really two sides to this – 1) your mindset and 2) getting into your potential customer’s mindset.

Your Mindset

  1. Expect Success – this may seem obvious, but believe me a large percentage of the people who “try” the Print on Demand business model don’t really think that it will work.  They think: “Why should this work for me?  Nothing else has.”   Research, experts and experience as taught me that as long as you have this mindset, you WILL fail.   REALLY BELIEVING is more crucial than you might think.  Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't YOU'RE RIGHTAs you study masters of this business (or any solo entrepreneur business), you will see that they spend a lot of time and money working on their own mindsets.  Mindset is obviously very important to them.  Henry Ford said it this way “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, YOU’RE RIGHT.”.  (And before you ask, YES you can buy that t-shirt – or the coffee mug/pencil holder 🙂 )
  2.  The Road To Success - It Isn't Straight and Narrow - CanvasUnderstand that like all businesses, this business takes time to develop and you are going to have ups and downs.  The best sellers in the business have ups and downs and you will too.  Just understanding that will go a long way toward making your successful journey possible.  (Yup – that canvas is a live product too 🙂 )
  3. POD - Print on Demand is my businessIt is a BUSINESS.  Too many entrepreneurs treat their business like a hobby.   They put off everything until tomorrow.  Then they spend all their time and energy on things that are fun for them to do.  Usually they have no real plan of action.  The list goes on and on.
  4. You need to understand that the products created by any Print on Demand Businesses fail most of the time.  You make the vast majority of your money on a few winners.

Your Customer’s Mindset

In order to be successful with on-line Print on Demand, you need to invoke the feeling “I gotta have that!”   Must of the high volume traffic methods involve what is called “interruption marketing” – the person is browsing Facebook or reading articles and our ad interrupts them.   When they see you ad and they don’t pause and get that “I’ve gotta have that” feeling, you have probably lost the sale.   Admittedly we will get into re-targeting where you capture who really looked at your product and didn’t buy so you can show them the product again.  While this is a very effective method of increasing your sales, you really would like to capture them the first time.


This has been a quick summary of Mindset.  Mindset is phase one of the five phases of a Print on Demand Business.

Next time I’ll cover Phase 2 – Designs.

Have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

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  1. Thanks for this awesome info. I just got ripped off on IG paid $150 for What I thought was a viable package. However, it was a bunch of links with raw uncut video& fumbling around with a technologically challenged individual. I take business very seriously & am a true novice to t shirt designing. Thx a billion!!!!

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