Print on Demand A to Z- Remove Image Backgrounds with ClippingMagic

Clipping Magic remove image backgroundsRemove Image Backgrounds – this very short post shows you have to use ClippingMagic to remove image backgrounds and make them transparent.

Often we want to merge two images when we are creating a Print on Demand product. At least one of the images usually needs to have the background removed (made transparent) so that it won’t overwrite the other image when we lay one image partially on top of the other. My preferred Editor (Photoshop Elements ) has a tool to do this, but sometimes does a better job.  I note that this is not a completely free site, but IMHO the results are easily worth what they charge.

This four minute video will give you an idea of how how to Remove Image Backgrounds. using ClippingMagic.

Clipping Magic

Remove Image Backgrounds in Six Easy Steps
The steps are easy.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Upload the image you want to work on.
  3. Click on the Green Icon and drag it around some of the area you want to keep
  4. Click on the Red Icon and drag it around some of the area you want removed.
  5. Make small adjustments if some areas are deleted or kept erroneously
  6. Download your “Clipped” version of the image.

That is really all there is to it. The nice thing is that you do NOT have to carefully outline the section you want to keep. ClipplingMagic does a good job of finding edges and moving the line between the area to keep and the area to delete over to those edges.


Some images are just plain tough when it comes to removing the background.  An example is an image with lots of fine hair.  There are several services like  that will do the job.  They usually change less than $1.50 and the turnaround is 1 to 2 days.   If I really need the image and it is very complex, I usually opt to having the pros take care of it.  (There are also folks at who specialize in this service.)

Have a Great Day – Oh Hale Yes!


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  1. I highly recommend anything that Hale Pringle wants to teach. He is able to take a complicated subject and break it down for anyone to comprehend. You will be glad to be a student of his!!! He is the Best!

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